Behind The Camera

I am Fiona, a modern romantic with a vision to capture genuine connections that turn into warm, honest, and timeless memories. When you look through your images and hold the prints in your hand, I want to bring you back to a unique moment in time, with all of your feelings, raw, authentic and beautiful as they are. 

While studying design in London and Barcelona, I found myself drawing inspiration from the everyday and my surrounding. Living within these vibrant cities, I refined my eye for simplicity, contrast, detail and intimacy. This is where I discovered my passion for photography and to look at every moment through a lens.

Today, I love capturing the beauty that exists within individual stories and meaningful interactions. To pause time through artful imagery that portrays your authenticity and energy. To contribute to the way you remember. 

With warmth and gentle guidance, I make you feel relaxed in front of my lens and true to yourself. I cherish natural moments as they unfold.